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Reducing transport miles with our carbon efficient business model

The impacts of climate change are already with us, as extreme weather and biodiversity loss affects the communities least able to withstand it. Without concerted and ambitious action from companies and governments, climate change will have a significant effect on our businesses and our daily lives.

Our solutions significantly reduce road miles and minimise both our and our customers’ carbon footprint by consolidating multiple items into single mixed pallet deliveries. We’re also playing our part by cutting emissions across our own business – because it’s critical that we support the global efforts to limit warming.

Our commitments

New long-term targets and net zero ambition


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Our commitments

New long-term targets and net zero ambition

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Our areas of focus and progress

Consolidation model reduces carbon significantly

Carbon efficiency is inherent in our business model, consolidating products into one drop is significantly more efficient.


reduction in our carbon footprint relative to revenue generated by between 2019–2023

Joining the largest global alliance on climate change

We’re committing to ambitious climate action and working towards net zero

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How we report on progress

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

We are supporting the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures ('TCFD') and have published our first statement aligned to the TCFD’s recommended disclosures.

TCFD Index, SASB Reporting and ESG Appendix

Carbon Disclosure Project

We also report on our climate change performance through our annual response to the Carbon Disclosure Project (‘CDP’). In 2021, we received a B- for our response to the CDP climate change questionnaire.

Carbon Disclosure Project