Our purpose is to deliver essential business solutions around the world and create long-term sustainable value for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

What makes
us different

We conducted an extensive review into what our employees believe sets Bunzl apart from others. These beliefs show what is most important to Bunzl’s people and demonstrate how the Group’s purpose and values run through the organisation.

Bunzl Warehouse workers looking at charts

We believe…

  • that the safety and security of our people is our first priority
  • that through diversity, we build strength
  • that an entrepreneurial spirit provides endless possibilities
  • that together we can achieve anything
  • in creating a sustainable environment for us and those who follow
  • that through innovation we find more dynamic solutions
  • that it’s our business to enhance our customers’ business
  • that our global supply chain brings local benefits
  • that investing in our local communities is the right thing to do
  • that technology enables success
  • that motivated people create happy customers
  • that at Bunzl, everyone counts


  • are transparent
  • show humility
  • are reliable
  • are responsive