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08 Apr 2021

The recent launch of the new ‘We Believe’ employee branding aims to express Bunzl’s values and allow employees across the world to unite behind them.

We recently launched a new employee brand named ‘We Believe’. It introduces 18 statements that reflect Bunzl’s culture and values and will be used by businesses throughout the Group.

What exactly is ‘We Believe’ and what are its aims? 

Bunzl is a large organisation. It is a recognised world leader in the distribution and services sectors with operations in 31 countries across five continents. However, underpinning this is a network of individual businesses with their own identity and personality. Each of these businesses has a degree of autonomy at local level while operating within the framework of Bunzl’s strategy and values.

There are many advantages to such a decentralised business model, not least the capacity for the Bunzl operating company to present itself to customers as a dynamic local business and an integral part of the community. It is an important part of the Bunzl strategy and is encouraged. Yet there is also strength in a shared and common Bunzl identity and so the ‘We Believe’ employee branding was born – a brand Bunzl people across the globe can unite behind, relate to and feel pride in.

Diana Breeze, Bunzl’s Group HR Director, was closely involved in the development of the ‘We Believe’ campaign from the start.

She explains the thinking behind its development: ‘The Bunzl logo is known throughout the territories where we have operations. However, beyond the recognisable colour palette of the logo and accompanying graphic design, there has been a tendency for Bunzl, as a global brand, to hide its light under a bushel and only whisper to the world who we are and what we stand for. "The largest brand that few have heard of" is a phrase that has been used often. We want to change that and articulate a common set of beliefs that Bunzl stakeholders – primarily employees, but also suppliers and customers – can emotionally connect and identify with. We want all our stakeholders to be proud of being associated with Bunzl. And so the 18 statements of the ‘We Believe’ campaign that everyone connected with Bunzl will recognise as defining our culture and values have been launched.’

How the campaign came together.

The process itself acted as a great showcase for Bunzl values. In the midst of a global pandemic and all the limitations it imposed on us, our colleagues came together through the wonders of digital communication to create the employee brand.

Moreover, all the work we undertook – the development of the core brand message ‘We Believe', the 18 statements, the graphic design, and the video – were created by the Group without external assistance – a great example of the power of collaboration, resilience and responsiveness.

The ‘We Believe’ employee brand was launched in November 2020 with some regions using it as a cause for celebration.

For example, Bunzl Israel’s offices were decorated with the ‘We Believe’ posters and a ‘cinema’ atmosphere with tickets, carpets, popcorn and beverages was created to show Bunzl information films, including the ‘We Believe’ video. This was followed by a presentation to explain the purpose and meaning of ‘We Believe’ and its power to unite team members through Bunzl’s core values.