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21 Jul 2022
Bunzl plc
The Bunzl Healthcare Team Show Their Support To Ukraine

Earlier this year, we outlined Bunzl’s immediate response to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, consisting of a £200,000 donation from Bunzl plc to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal.


Since then, we’re very proud of what has been achieved by the people and businesses across our group who have rallied together to offer continuing support to the people of Ukraine.

Our businesses in the Bunzl Central & Eastern Europe (Bunzl CEE) region, with borders close to the war, have been very supportive of their neighbours, showcasing our Group’s dedication to supporting the local communities we are a part of.


A Truck Full Of Supplies Leaves Bunzl Healthcare, Enfield, UK

The Bunzl CEE response to the crisis essentially has three different strands. Bunzl Hungary, working alongside the Hungarian Red Cross, has delivered trucks full of cleaning materials, food parcels, cutlery and paper towels directly to refugees in camps near the Hungarian/Ukrainian border.

Similarly, Bunzl Romania has worked with the Red Cross to deliver a range of goods including nappies, medical supplies and cleaning materials to a refugee camp on the Romanian/Ukrainian border.

In the Czech Republic, at the request of the Ukrainian embassy in Prague, Bunzl Czech has donated clothes, food, gloves, disinfectants and other necessary products to the ‘People in Need’ (Člověk v tísni) charity which offers aid to people from Eastern Ukraine fleeing the high conflict areas near the Ukraine/Russia border.

Distributing Aid On The Siret Border, Romania

Individual Bunzl people across Europe have also shown great generosity to Ukrainian refugees by offering them food, clothing and accommodation as they escape the conflict.

In other parts of Europe, Bunzl businesses have also responded to the crisis. In the UK, Bunzl Healthcare has partnered with Circle Health Group, the UK’s largest private hospital provider, to send weekly truckloads of medical products to Ukrainian hospitals, while Woodway has given pallets of cardboard boxes to help transport donations to areas in need.

Donations Being Readied To Leave Bunzl Romania

In Denmark, MultiLine has donated 35,000 bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion to the Danish Red Cross which is working with refugees at border camps. In Switzerland, Weita has shown solidarity with Ukraine by donating 5,000 francs to Swiss Solidarity, a charity supporting victims of the war.

We are proud to see the generosity of Bunzl’s people in response to the conflict, and we know this generosity will continue as long as required.