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08 Apr 2021
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We are strengthening our commitment to the environment, human rights and diversity one conscious investment at a time.


In January 2020, Bunzl plc launched a new framework that would, for the very first time, define Bunzl’s sustainability strategy.

Last summer, a cross-functional team conducted a comprehensive audit of Bunzl’s commercial practices against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and launched a materiality assessment to identify and prioritise the key environmental, social and governance issues facing the business.

The first step was to identify the sustainability trends that could impact Bunzl’s ability to create value in the long term, and once that was complete, understand which of these were of most interest to Bunzl’s stakeholders.

The results will allow Bunzl to prioritise its resources and align its sustainability commitments and reporting to the most important topics. They will also enable the business to take advantage of any opportunities to develop new products or services that relate to the most important areas.

You can find out more about the process, and our resulting sustainability strategy here.

Verive Product

Sustainable solutions: Verive

Based in the Netherlands, Verive is a Bunzl own brand innovative solution in sustainability. Newly launched, this business only offers products that meet the standards outlined in the European Union’s single-use plastics directive. Additionally, these products are made from renewable or recycled resources, fully compostable, recyclable or reusable and responsibly sourced.

Verive offers alternative packaging solutions but also, crucially, its experts provide valuable advice on how to set, implement and meet sustainability objectives as a business, a practice that will nurture a loyal clientele base. Customers can rely on Verive for the latest guidelines and solutions in the market, while offering the most transparent advice and information on food packaging and tableware products.

Our clients have been overwhelmingly supportive of Verive’s range and the current significant increase in takeaway food packaging will have a direct impact on its success.

Bunzl Staff In Warehouse

Diversity and inclusion: Analysing employee data by ethnicity

Due to enhanced employee survey analytics we can now review the results from our latest and future employee surveys by different employee groups.

This gives us the ability to understand if there are any differences between these groups and take appropriate action. For the first time, these analytics include being able to review data according to the ethnic group an employee identifies with.

In North America in 2020, we are pleased to report that there was no statistical difference in the employee survey results from employees of any particular ethnic group or groups. We plan to use this functionality in countries where it is permitted to ensure that everyone in our workplaces feel they have the ability to do the best job they can, regardless of their ethnicity.

A Bunzl Catering Supplies Vehicle Powered By Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel, Bunzl UK & Ireland

Climate change: HVO Vehicle

Bunzl Catering Supplies ('BCS') has established a partnership with Crown Oil and switched its London fleet of vehicles to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil ('HVO') fuel. HVO is a second generation biofuel made from 100% renewable raw materials that offers net greenhouse gas reductions of up to 90% in comparison to fossil diesel fuel.

The switch will be made to 12 7.5-tonne and two 3.5-tonne vehicles at the BCS Charlton branch. As a result, BCS will be delivering foodservice solutions to its customers in London with a significantly reduced impact on the environment.

First generation biodiesel-free, fossil-free and sulphur-free, HVO is non-toxic and contains no aromatics, meaning that the fuel can operate as a 100% biofuel without the operability problems associated with high-blend biodiesels. HVO fuel does not contribute to acid rain, negates the health hazards associated with handling diesel fuels and is highly efficient.

FSC Product Tissue Box

Responsible supply chains: FSC® products

80% of Bunzl Asia Pacific’s washroom products are now FSC certified. Its range currently extends to hand towels, toilet rolls, facial tissue, and napkins.

The Forest Stewardship Council ('FSC'), is an international non-profit organisation that independently audits paper sources to monitor environmentally and socially responsible forest management. FSC certification is the hallmark of the Council’s compliance with 10 stringent principles including respect of indigenous lands, maintenance and restoration of ecosystem and the environment, respect of conservation and enhancement of the social and economic wellbeing of local communities. Bunzl’s FSC commitment delivers its pledge to source products through socially responsible supply chains and supports human rights, fair treatment of its employees and the employees of its suppliers around the world.