Our purpose is to deliver essential business solutions around the world and create long term sustainable value for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Driving the transition to better solutions

'Our proactive leadership and capabilities around the transition to alternative materials is a growth avenue that is deepening our customer relationships.'

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Continued strength through the pandemic, positioning us for further success

  • Strength and resilience of diversified business model demonstrated
  • 23% adjusted operating profit growth 2021 vs 2019 at constant exchange rates
  • Almost £1bn of committed acquisitions spend over 2020 and 2021
  • Net debt to EBITDA in a strong exposition for continued acquisition investment
  • 29th consecutive year of dividend growth, with 10% CAGR since 1992
  • Acceleration of sustainability ambitions

Financial performance: Highlights


(2020: £10,111.1m)


Growth at constant exchange rates (Actual exchange rates 1.7%)

Adjusted operating profit*

(2020: £778.4m)


Growth at constant exchange rates (Actual exchange rates (3.3)%)

Adjusted earnings per share*

(2020: 164.9p)


Growth at constant exchange rates (Actual exchange rates (1.5)%)

Dividend per share

(2020: 54.1p)


* Alternative performance measure (see Note 3 to the consolidated financial statements in the 2021 Annual Report)


adjusted earnings per share CAGR since 2004


dividends paid to shareholders since 2004


committed spend in acquisitions to support a growth strategy

Sustainability performance: Highlights



Joined the Race to Zero and committed to the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign

Wind turbine


12% improvement in carbon eficiency during 2021 and c.60% reduction in carbon intensity since 2010

Recycle bag


84% of Group revenue attributable to non-packaging products and packaging products made from alternative materials that are well suited to a circular economy



22% of UK & Ireland’s senior leadership team are women (13% in 2019)

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754 ethical audits conducted in Asia

Only 2% of Group revenue generated from consumables that are facing regulation


Only 2% of Group revenue generated from consumables that are facing regulation

The difference is essential

AR 2021 The difference is essential: sustainability

Supporting our customers with sustainable solutions

Our business model is positioned to support our customers’ sustainability objectives. The risk-based approach we take to ethical auditing across our supply chain, our carbon-efficient consolidation model and range of alternative packaging products means we can engage the whole value chain to help build a better world.

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AR 2021 The difference essential: people

Continued focus and investment in our people

Bunzl has so much to offer as an employer, including learning and development support and career opportunities. What really sets us apart is our inclusive and customer-focused culture – making sure that we take the time to listen to our colleagues and understand their perspectives.

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AR 2021 The difference is essential: digital

Improving efficiency with engaging digital solutions

At the heart of our proposition is the ability to tailor processes to customers. From customising order lists for individual users; to integrating our ordering platforms into our customers’ own intranets and providing app-based solutions, our digital tools enhance the value we provide our customers and build our competitive advantage.

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Go digital-first

Bunzl are actively trying to reduce our impact on the environment and maximise shareholder value by reducing the number copies of our annual report we print and mail. If you’d like to switch to receiving digital copies of our reports and communications each year please register below or contact your registrar.