For many years Bunzl has continued to pursue a consistent strategy of focusing on its strengths and consolidating the markets in which it competes. This requires continually redefining and deepening our commitment to customers and markets, as well as extending our business into new geographies. Our Corporate Responsibility (‘CR’) strategy and ambition directly supports Bunzl’s strategic vision by seeking to gain sustainable business success through building relationships with stakeholders.

We deliver this through an approach built on ethical values and behaviours and responsible business practices, aimed at winning the trust of our customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders by effectively managing our social, environmental and ethical impacts. It also helps us to attract and retain talented and committed employees.

We believe that positive actions with respect to CR are not only desirable in their own right but are also of potential economic and commercial benefit to the Group. A strong reputation for CR can provide business advantage and contribute to shareholder value. Conversely, perceived weakness in CR may damage our reputation and cause risks. Bunzl’s good practice in sustainability has been recognised by its FTSE4Good listing and CDP Score.

Our approach to CR is straightforward

  • we communicate our stance on key issues impacting our business and, through our business conduct/code of ethics, are clear about the standards we expect of ourselves and those we work with;
  • we consult with our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and wider stakeholder groups to understand the main social and environmental matters affecting our business;
  • we identify and prioritise the risks we face and the opportunities we have and develop relevant activities, objectives and targets;
  • we manage CR focusing on the most relevant issues and where we feel we have the greatest impact; and
  • we communicate our performance with openness and transparency, so that our stakeholders understand the progress we are making.