The Group has devised and reports on CR metrics to cover those impacts considered most material from a Group perspective. External reporting of our environmental and safety performance is provided at Group level.

Additionally, internal reporting is based on the same business area reporting structure consistent with how we report financial data externally and within our internal management information. We recognise that the definition of CR performance data is still evolving and we continually seek ways to improve the quality and reliability of data through involvement of individuals throughout the business, robust data collection processes and upgrading of our data collection system.

As the Group has grown, the collation of this data has become more complex and therefore we have, from 2013 gained external independent assurance of our CO2 emissions and fuel usage data and from 2014 of our accident statistics. In 2015 we have for the first time reported information on our Scope 3 emissions comprising emissions from 3rd party carriers, business flights, waste and electricity transmission losses. We have also continued to review and enhance our policies and procedures to ensure that we remain compliant with changing practices and legislation.